Entering sales notes from first sale fish
Scottish Government - 31/05/2018
This is the Scottish website for entering sales notes from first sale fish.

Sales notes for first sales of fish must be submitted within 48 hours of sale by either:

· those selling fish at a designated auction centre (i.e. the registered seller); or

· by the buyer of the fish in all other cases.

EC Regulation No 1566/07 requires that from the 1st of January 2009, if you are a registered buyer or seller and your annual turnover in fishery products is more than €400,000 (approx £274,000 as of September 2008) you will be required to record and submit your records of first sales of fish to us by electronic means. You will no longer have to submit paper copies of sales notes.

A secure web-based system has been developed for Registered buyers or sellers to enter and submit individual sales notes electronically. To register as a user you will first be required to complete RBS5 form (available from the download sections) and send the completed form to the Scottish Government Marine Directorate for processing. Once your application has been processed and you have been provided with your user credentials, you will be able to submit data either on-line or send data in via email using one of the prescribed formats detailed below. You will also be able to view all records you have submitted.

Options for delivering electronic notes:

· Directly via the website

· Single sales or buyer’s note via e-mail

· Multiple sales or buyer’s notes via e-mail

· Programmatically via an API