▪       You are now accessing the Electronic Reporting System website of the UK Fisheries Authorities. This website is intended for use by registered buyers and sellers as well as fishing vessel owners for the submission of catch and sales information electronically.

▪      This website supports only Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 & 7.0.

▪      In order to make full use of this website you must have pop-ups enabled in your browser session.

▪      Each page of the website has its own specific help page that can be accessed from the help link in the main body of the page.

▪      When viewing data you will be able to enter or select data in the filter section in order to reduce the amount of data being viewed.

▪      When entering data

▫    you can use the tab key to move between fields.
▫    Some boxes have search buttons next to them that will allow you to lookup the correct details from the system database.